This is difficult

Man. This is difficult – not writing. I love writing. its a release. No. I’m talking about being a Christian. Its rough dude. I don’t know where people get the idea (I’m including myself in this group of people) that being a christian is all peachy creamy….stuff. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why […]


sometimes I like to be just still. No noise. No people…..just me. Not depression. Not anxiety. Well maybe anxiety. You see there are just sometimes when people are just too much for me. And I just hide. Or I lash out. Lashing out seems to be the go to emotion for me. Thats all I’ll […]


So im still recovering from surgery. Its a pain to sit here and not do anything. ugh. I hate this so much. For real. My family – God bless them – has been stepping up big time. Showing the glory of the Lord through it all but this is difficult. Sitting here and letting other […]