You don’t know

“I want to be a Christian but you don’t know what I’ve done. You don’t know who I am. You just don’t understand that God could never love me.” I have heard that so many times. A lot from myself actually. God could never love me. It was ingrained in me that I was never […]


Y’all. To know me is to know: I’m awkward as anything. Dude no words can describe the awkwardness. For example? almost every single time I have gone to a movie theater? When any movie attendant told me “enjoy your movie” I would always respond with “thanks! You too!” Every. Single. Time. Every time. Once I […]


sometimes I like to be just still. No noise. No people…..just me. Not depression. Not anxiety. Well maybe anxiety. You see there are just sometimes when people are just too much for me. And I just hide. Or I lash out. Lashing out seems to be the go to emotion for me. Thats all I’ll […]