Being a Christian

I ain’t gonna sugar coat it: Being a Christian is difficult. A lot are under the impression that life gets easier when you choose to follow God – but it don’t. In fact I would even choose to say it gets harder Why would I say something so bold? Well think about it – first […]

God is cool

Another God is cool story coming up – wait did I call it that previously? Anyways .. lemme tell you this past week has been hard. I know you can’t tell but it’s been a week since I wrote. Has it? Oh my goodness .. let’s just say it’s been a minute. So I have […]

Even when

My friend, even when you are in the midst of a trial .. never forget .. God is right there with ya. He never left .. you may not see what He’s doing but I promise He’s there with you. The enemy wants us to forget how big our God is. Never lose sight of […]