I am loud

Or at least I used to be. Maybe. I’m not sure.  Let’s not ask my husband or kids. Growing up I was always told I was loud. “Why are you being loud JESSICA!?” Now? I mumble and speak quietly. Mostly. Again … let’s not ask my husband or kids about that. Moving on. That shaped […]


sometimes I like to be just still. No noise. No people…..just me. Not depression. Not anxiety. Well maybe anxiety. You see there are just sometimes when people are just too much for me. And I just hide. Or I lash out. Lashing out seems to be the go to emotion for me. Thats all I’ll […]


no one likes me. im alone. i dont deserve to be here. These are all lies my friend. Lies that the enemy wants you to believe to control your heart. That fear and self loathing you feel? Thats not from God. I felt it for years and quite honestly? I still struggle with those thoughts. […]