Real real

Yall…i know im talking about trust a lot lately. But lemme tell you – i’m just being real. real real….real. Yeah. that got away from me. Okay moving on… Being real about where God has me. Like I told yall – not one is perfect. NO ONE has it all figured out. No one knows […]


Silence filled the room as she walked quietly and quickly up to the stage. ‘Don’t fall. Don’t fall. Don’t fall. Oh my word. Is Chad looking?‘ She tried to look over at him. ‘Don’t fall. Don’t fall. Don’t fall.’ She had to concentrate on her flirty walk she couldnt see if he was looking. Finally […]


Why can’t we be real? Growing up? That was a big thing. Don’t let other people see you struggle. Super Christian to the rescue! I believe my brother said that’s what started him down the road of not believing. Then other things piled on that. Actually now that I think of it? Its still a […]