Here’s more from my little star: Cutegirlmom: WHY do u have ur phone Cutegirlmom: we’ll I guess I’ll have to do it SaMmY: nooooooooo Cutegirlmom hay gals Pearl: we r not ur girlfriends SaMmY: every time u come in I have to find new friends Cutegirlmom: u r two yong two bee on chat SaMmY: […]


she looked around the floor. Everything was drenched. The chairs. the floor. the garbage can. the recycling. “Sorry mommy” Of course this happens when my husband is not home and its a bad pain day. Of course, she thought to herself. She sighed. “Take everything upstairs” And she began the arduous task of cleaning the […]


She sat there sipping her coffee….silently wanting to scream. Lonely. Thats what it was. Thats what filled her soul. Lonely, ugly, fat, stupid. Thats what she always was and thats all that she will ever be. Stop it Jess. Thats not true. Her toxic thoughts filled her mind. She hated that she had this struggle. […]