Hurry up and wait

I hate the times of “hurry up and wait” … it’s the worst. Y’all know I’ve had a case or 10 of those. Sigh. Well here we go again. My cardiologist appointment? Postponed until my results of the holter monitor thing is done. Okay Lord. Okay. I’ll hurry up and wait…I hate waiting but I […]


He looked at the crowd. Fear gripped his heart. ‘what do I do? What do I say?’ The silence filled his heart. ‘where can i go? how do i get out of here?’ he scanned the room for his mom. Where was she? She would know….wait….. he moved forward cautiously. not wanting to disturb anything. […]

No memory

As an adult? Yeah my memory sucks majorly yall. Man I miss my brain. Probably because of the abuse, but I don’t remember most of my childhood. I don’t remember the good, I get flashes here and there but I don’t remember much. I remember the bad, I remember constantly being afraid – funny how […]