The problem with Star Wars

Bear with me this post does apply to Christianity but Yup. There’s a problem with Star Wars … it doesn’t follow the story. I mean the new movies. It has taken on a world of its own and doesn’t honor any of what is called canon. Canon is what makes it…a good story. It’s what […]


I am such a rebel. I don’t wear that label with pride. Its just a fact. People tell me certain things and just like that? I question them. I guess its just the side effect of going through what I did? But nothing seems right. And for a while? I thought that was something wrong […]

Just a thought

You know what I hate? When you read the Bible and it’s like: wait…what did I just read? I read it over and over and nothing. Sometimes ADHD stinks greatly … I heard a pastor say once keep reading it over and over until you do understand something. I’m going through the Bible and currently […]