Change is scary

Y’all change is truly scary. We are sitting here cramped as we wait for the painters to finish the house. Don’t get me wrong they’ve done a great job. But they’ve changed stuff Okay. Maybe I do… But this is difficult to adjust to. More so than I thought. I mean my kids are fine […]

Blank mind

Y’all it’s been a couple of days since I wrote and it’s cause my mind is completely blank. Sorry. I want to write so much but getting through the fog is difficult. I am currently attempting to stay without carbs (which is supposed to help people with dysautonomia – according to dysautonomia international) so that’s […]

I mean

Dude when God wants to speak to you…He will. I mean are your ears open? Are your eyes? Y’all know about this trying time I’m going through. Me finally learning to trust God. Well I was scrolling on Facebook Which I loathe to my core but some of those Star Wars groups have the best […]