a couple of people asked me this question and I couldn’t honestly answer: what was your favorite Christmas? it kills me that I cant think of any. all I have are bad memories. Not that i’m faulting anyone – cause thats not the point of my blog. But it kills me that I dont have […]


Anxiety sucks. How it plagued her. Anxiety controlled all her motions. Made her feel less than human. Anxiety made her feel less than Christian. Motionless, she went into 1,000 different scenarios as her husband explained the plans. She stared right through her husband as she let all the possibilities fly. We are gonna get sick […]


She sat there sipping her coffee….silently wanting to scream. Lonely. Thats what it was. Thats what filled her soul. Lonely, ugly, fat, stupid. Thats what she always was and thats all that she will ever be. Stop it Jess. Thats not true. Her toxic thoughts filled her mind. She hated that she had this struggle. […]