That’s a classic song underdog from Audio Adrenaline…take a listen. That’s me right now. I’m an underdog for so many reasons but for the sake of todays post? My health.

I started that high salt, low carb diet right? Friend? I started feeling fantastic. I started having energy. I started feeling hungry. I was feeling normal. Then? Boom. Today.

There’s a huge storm that’s been passing over the states. I was ready to start feeling horrible like before the last hurricane. I felt sick for days before and weeks after. But I didn’t. I had to nerve to think: I got this.

Yeah big mistake.

I’m out. I had to have the kids prepare most of my breakfast … do laundry .. ugh.

I never wanted my kids to see me suffer like this. But here I am .. the underdog. the weak one, yet again.

It’s so unbelievably humbling. But you know what about this underdog? I’ve been beat up .. broken down .. but there’s hope for this underdog. I have a secret weapon on my side. The best weapon – only if I use and rely on it…Him.

God is my only strength. My only help. I’m in last place if at place at all – but with God on my side? I ain’t worried.

Underdog, I wince every time I say the word .. especially in connection with Jesus. Yet as I read the birth stories about Jesus, I cannot help but conclude that although the world may be tilted toward the rich and powerful. God, hallelujah, in His mercy is tilted towards the underdog….that’s the way we like it

Underdog lyrics by Audio Adrenaline

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