so. previously i was supporting a ministry – not gonna do any linking cause well see James 4:11. lemme get into it. anyways. i no longer support that ministry cause it really had funky ….. values. lemme splain.

i was listening to a podcast and the person said something along the following: “don’t say ‘i accept christ as my savior but not my lord’ because thats not biblical”

whats wrong with that, right? welp. I mean the person was absolutely right but it goes like this: who are you to say how I talk to God?

When you accept Christ as Lord AND Savior you do both immediately. You are accepting Him as the ruler of your life. You realize you need Him and are saying you are gonna follow HIS rules. That’s how it goes. But letting Him do the changes to your life that make Him Lord? That’s takes a lifetime. Take a look at my life alone. But don’t tell me if I say something a certain way – that negates my Christianity.

Y’all this is the same ideals the church i grew up in had. Heres the big “L” word for ya: Legalism.

Oh….how I could go on and actually I went farther than I wanted. my point? Be careful of getting caught up in doctrine. Be careful of legalism. Be careful to what you listen to. Be careful – its easy to lose sight of what matters in our relationship with God.

As I always say y’all – the bible. Stick to the bible. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of false teaching, backwards teaching, any teaching that will make you lose sight of what is truth. God loves you so much He sent His son Jesus to earth to die for our sins. Jesus should be the ruler of your life and has sent the Holy Spirit to guide you in this life. God is ruler and creator of all. The bible is the ultimate truth and everything should be measured against it (meaning we look to the bible for what is truth). There is only one way to heaven – and that is accepting Jesus into your heart and letting Him do the work that needs to be done in your life. In HIS time.

That? That is the truth. All else?

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