Dude. Really?

When the quarantine happened, bear with me I’m not getting into what you are thinking I’m getting into – we were all thrown for a loop. Masks…and so forth. Again. Not what you think it’s gonna be about. Then things started to open up people had all sorts of ideas. “Why masks? Don’t you dare come near me!” And so forth and so on. For example we were told by 2 different people – who we considered friends – that this doesn’t affect everyone so they shouldn’t do certain things required and those it does? Should just die out. Dude. Really and truly we heard these words.

Okay. So here’s what I wanna say .. no wait God said it best:

Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.

Philippians 2:4

At the time I was a Spoonie – but I didn’t realize how severe. And I caught a severe case of Covid and look where it has me. I don’t know what they realized about me or the ramifications of what they said – nor do i care to comment. This actually didn’t hit me til I got worse. I just want to ask you..

Really? You think this is about control? Paul said:..

Wait. You know, I wanna say a whole bunch – but I’ll just leave you with this over used and cheesy saying that is so freaking true right now:

What would Jesus do?

I don’t know who said it first

Remember in this self centered world: it’s not about us. It’s about how God can use us for His glory. It’s not about what we feel about this rule or that. It’s not about anything but being a shining example of Christ’s love.

It’s about being a servant to all. Please see Philippians 2 about how to do that.

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