Little well known secret

I have a little….well known secret. I like scary movies. Well not really too scary. Not like demonic but like action packed. Like John Wick….like Predator….yeah i know.

I notice when I am …. in a rageful mood i love movies like this. I dont get why. I just do. Like I need to see other people suffer as much as me maybe? I honestly dont get it and I dont know where it started. Wait…when it started.

Anyways, as I previous talked about it – God is working on me with that.

Well today – because of my hypothyroid issues – I have been in the mood to watch these movies. Oh the anger. SMH. Last night? John Wick. Today? I watched part of predator.

Lets not dwell on that – but on the fact that part way through predator? I was horrified. I was thinking – why am I watching this garbage?

I mean being an 80’s baby – I love all things 80’s. But this?

Point of this?

You have a choice my friend. You right now reading this? You have a choice. God had given me many outs – my husband eye rolls. My heart being unsettled and still I ignored it.

Sin is so – enticing. Its like “Oooo lemme check this out” (for whatever reason). Our job is to do like Joseph when he was offered a temptation.


Run the other direction and listen to the Holy Spirit guiding you. The Holy Spirit is talking to you even now about something – listen to Him! Make those changes.

Start writing. Start reading your bible. Start praying. Start running.

12 that she caught him by his garment, saying, “Lie with me.” But he left his garment in her hand, and fled and ran outside.

Genesis 39:12

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