Today is Valentine’s Day. I know I had a post on the actual day but I couldn’t brain. So here we are. My heart is not working right – almost passed out yesterday from taking out the trash. Today I passed out from putting on my compression sleeves. Sigh. This Valentine’s sucks

My husband got me the perfect gift (the intro photo) .. his gift from me is now coming late .. we have so much to do with this house .. it’s all piling on. God I can’t handle this! Help!

Lord. Help us please. God I thank you for my amazing husband. I ask that you would grant him the wisdom and the grace needed. I ask for strength and peace. Lord we commit this move to you and ask that your name be glorified. Please provide the help we need, i thank you for the help you have provided and praise your name. Cause I know you are the great provider & protector. I praise you for you are good. I love you Lord.

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