just trying to shine

we talked about people being real about their struggles. I think more people should speak up and show that the following Jesus isn’t easy – but its worth it. I think that people get this idea that once we follow Jesus we are all perfect and …. whatever they think. I want you to know me: I am not even close to being perfect. I am just a sinner trying to show everyone that Jesus loves me and He loves you. I am gonna shine my little light on that fact for as long as I can.

I am trying on here to be real about my struggles and show – that God loves us no matter how we feel in any given moment. Yeah, there are rules and all that – which are important. But knowing that no matter how much we screw up that God loves us – yes after we ask for true forgiveness – He forgets and forgives.

Wait. Correct english matters. He forgives then forgets.

I was talking with my daughter the other day. She lied about something – and got caught. We had a talk with her and afterwards she stayed in her room crying cause she felt bad she sinned.

Thats when we had another talk.

Guess what kid? We are not perfect and God knows this. That feeling you are feeling? That is the Holy Spirit telling you that you messed up and you need to do is ask forgiveness from God. You already said sorry to us – so boom ask God to forgive you. And guess what? Thats it. God forgives you and forgets. Those thoughts that you get afterwards? Thats from satan trying to make you remember how you screwed up. We don’t concentrate on that cause once we ask for forgiveness? God already forgave us and has forgotten our sins. Its as simple as that.

– me

We are whats called fallen people – this speaks of the fall of man (Adam and Eve). We’ve fallen from a point that God had us in the Garden of Eden because of sin. Because Adam and Eve sinned – there were rules and laws and all that jazz that were set up so we can have that opportunity to get into heaven. (See Leviticus)

But God knew. God knew we would fail. So He sent His son, Jesus, to die for us as an atonement.

What does atonement mean? Well breaking it down – the laws and rules were made right? But we kept failing those laws and rules. God saw this so He sent Jesus down to earth – a piece of Himself and us – so that He would die for us.

He took all of our past, current and future sins upon Himself as His own and died. Then in 3 days He came back from the dead. Why? As a cleansing. A brand new stinking start for someone like you and I. (see John 3)


When God sent His son – He did this for you and me. Right now. In this moment. Can you imagine that? God was thinking of us.

Even knowing we would fail every stinking inking day – He sent Jesus for us. As long as we accept Him in our hearts and Lord and ruler of our lives.

What did we do to deserve that? Abso-positively nothing.

Not a simple thing.

And each day I realize how much I dont deserve this beautiful gift of life. And all I have to do is believe He is the only way to life. My God is awesome.

So thats why I share my crazy mixed up thoughts. So that you can be reminded that yes. He really does love you as you are.

He really does.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9

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