God provides

Y’all? God provides and provides and provides. Man. God is so good.

So y’all know about the exterminator possibly not coming right? Welp. You don’t? Here’s a recap: we have roaches. We scheduled the exterminator to come in a week. They told us to get rid of any extra boxes. But we just moved and have a ton. The county won’t remove the bulk boxes for 2 wks.

Or so we thought. I don’t know why but these past couple of days I have not prayed about this. No, I don’t know why. So last night it finally hit me after I saw yet another roach – just pray. So I did and?

We found a bulk trash company to remove everything. So the exterminator can come in a week!

Thank you Lord for your mercy and strength. Thank you for your grace. I commit this coming week to you and ask that you would continue to bless and encourage us. That you would continually give us the grace and wisdom how to keep this house clean so no more creepy crawlies come in.

Thank you Lord for being so awesome and mighty and powerful!

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