Welp here I am again

I can’t believe I’m even here. So as I said in the updated post? The exterminator didn’t come welp. Here I am again.

I feel so bad cause these kids can’t come into the kitchen without looking carefully. Shoo … none of us. I hate that we don’t feel 100% comfortable in our own home.

Lord I am so tired of this house. I praise you Lord cause we do have a house to live in and I thank you for that. I praise you for you are creator and ruler of all. I thank you for your mercies and the fact that it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything. I actually do thank you that the exterminator didn’t come cause we weren’t prepared at all.

I ask Lord that you would keep these critters from coming into this house. You are the Lord and creator of all and I know you are the only one who can do this. I trust you and put my hope in you only. I ask also that you would help us prepare properly and commit that appointment to you. I ask Lord in your mercy that you would protect us and keep us. Have mercy on us Lord I pray.

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