Not doing a thing

I hate it – from the depths of my soul – when I see a need not being met. So I go and do. Whether I want to or not. It pains me not doing a thing. But here I am .. not doing a thing cause my body says no.

My body every time I do something

I guess it has to do with my need for control? Or maybe my patience?

I don’t know. All I know? Is it’s pissing me off.

Like this new church we are going to now – I see so many needs and I’m like: pssshhh I can do this. Then my body answers with a quick …

Like why Lord? You give me this desire to help .. how can I when my body is fighting back?

Then it came to me – prayer.

I’ve been talking about it a lot cause God has been showing me a lot with prayer. So that’s where God has me…huh. Funny how God works.

Okay Lord. I got you. There is mighty power in prayer. So I commit this to you and ask that you would use me.

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