People wont like you

With the abuse that I received? I grew up as a huge people pleaser.

Now I don’t care what people say – it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Okay yeah I heard that too.

People pleasing is not a good thing. The only person you should try to please is Jesus.


But I grew up not only into someone who needed people to like her – by any means necessary. I also had the idea that if I didn’t please people? I was a failure as a Christian.

Cause a good Christian gives all of themselves right? That a good Christian never says no and is always … ALWAYS … is there. No matter what/how you feel. You always have to be there for them. Other people came before family, marriage, faith…well making people happy was what God wanted right?

Yeah I know.

But that’s what I believed. I actually still struggle with that.

Anyway…people pleaser. 

Okay. This is hard to write.

So when people didn’t like me? Holy goodness that would crush me for weeks. Who am I kidding – years. My reaction was one of two things – I would hide and eat my feelings or I would lash out. I mean it was their fault I didn’t please them right? Which of course resulted in great bitterness.

Man, My poor husband got that lashing too many times. Wha? Never said I figured this out….just that Jesus changed me.

But it’s taken me years to finally see….it’s okay if people don’t like you. Why? Not cause everyone is entitled to their own opinions – even if they’re wrong.

Okay – sorry – I had to.

No. Its cause the only opinion that matters is what Jesus thinks of you and lemme tell you….

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Eph 2:10

He loves you so much and there is no one at all in this universe who can change His mind about you.

Yes, we must love like Christ. 

Yes, we must aim to be servants of Christ.

Yes, aim to put others before (remember that acronym J.O.Y) but know this – we are not gonna be perfect. And yet? God will still love ya no matter how many times you say no. No matter who likes you and who doesn’t. 

No matter what.

That doesn’t matter to God. What matters is accepting Christ into your life and confessing your sins. Thats it.

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